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Blast Nozzles For Your Sandblasting & Cleaning Equipment

Choosing the right blast nozzle for each application is simply a matter of understanding the variables that affect cleaning performance and job costs. There are four basic questions to answer for optimum cost.

A sandblast nozzle’s bore shape determines its blast pattern. Nozzles generally have either a straight bore or a restricted venture bore.

Straight bore nozzles create a tight blast pattern for spot blasting or blast cabinet work. These are best for smaller jobs such as parts cleaning, weld seam shaping, cleaning handrails, steps, grillwork, or carving stone, and other materials.

Venturi bore nozzles create a wide blast pattern and increase abrasive velocity as nozzles are the best choice for greater productivity when blasting larger surfaces. Long venturi style nozzles like the SOMAX blasting nozzles. For example, yield about a 40% increase in productivity compared to straight bore nozzles, while abrasive consumption can be cut approximately.

Double Venturi Sandblast nozzle and wide throat nozzles are enhanced versions of the long venturi style nozzle can be thought of as two nozzles in a series with a gap and holes to direct atmospheric air into the downstream segment of the nozzle. The exit end is also wider than a conventional nozzle. Both modifications are made to increase the size of the blast pattern and minimize the loss of abrasive velocity.

Blasting Nozzles

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